Anuj K.

Born on 26. January, 1991
Professional Goals

My professional goal is to lead my current venture to become a publicly traded company, fostering steady growth and earning the unwavering trust of the public.


04/2020 - Present

Core Competencies:

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Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
in A-45, Industrial Area, Phase -8B, Sector 74, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, India

03/2018 - Present

Core Competencies:

  •  I love my team. I am employee centric and work closely on attracting new talent along with Employee retention and development. 
  • Communication plays a key role in any organisation, I always focus on efficient communication while ensuring there is no communication gap. 
  •  As a CEO, I develop ambitious business strategies with short term and long term goals. I understand and handle internal operations of the company and build efficiently scalable systems 
  •  I am actively focused on other areas such as Regulation and Governance Knowledge, Market and Customer Knowledge, Tying Strategy to Execution, Attention to Detail , Anticipating Organisational Needs, Emotional Intelligence and building an employee friendly work culture.
Senior Software Developer
Clickapps Inc

02/2016 - 02/2018

Core Competencies:

During my tenure at Clickapps, I had the privilege of working exclusively on our flagship product, JISR.NET, an enterprise solution that has made a significant impact in the Middle East. As the Frontend Team Lead, I was entrusted with critical responsibilities that contributed to the product's success and ongoing growth.

Key Achievements and Responsibilities:
  1. Frontend Code Quality
  2. Feature Understanding and Product Roadmap Planning
  3. Major Decision-Making
  4. Coordination with Backend Team
Under my leadership, we established and nurtured a high-performing ReactJS frontend team that worked cohesively to develop and maintain JISR.NET. Today, JISR.NET continues to make strides in the Middle East, serving as a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence. 
Ruby on Rails Developer
Enbake consulting private limited
in 1853/10, Bhagirath Palace, New Delhi 110006

01/2014 - 01/2016

Core Competencies:

Worked as a Lead Full Stack developer, built product from scratch with technologies like Ruby on Rails Postgres. Responsible for as follow:-

1. Discuss, Plan & Develop business logic.
2. Work closely with the stakeholders and provide technical advisory.
3. Research and formulate new development plans.
4. Provide development plans to stakeholders.
5. Help in the onboarding of new team members.
6. Keep product up to date with Technology & research new ways of enhancements
in Jalandhar, Punjab, 144001, India

06/2013 - 12/2013

Core Competencies:

Developed an application named "HopeInTomorrow" a platform where people can donate for cancer patients in United States.
Lovely Professional University
Degree: Master of computer application

2011 - 2014


Activities and Societies: -It-Quiz discipline coordinator -Object Oriented Software Design -Compiler Design -Data-Structures & Algorithms -Linux(Red Hat, Ubantu) -C/C++ -Java Programming -Ruby on Rails -Database Management Systems -Computer Networks

C1 - Advanced


C1 - Advanced


B1 - Intermediate