Resumes for the role of costumer support in Italia

The resumes are published by candidates looking for a job as costumer support in in Italia.

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Ivan M.

Sistemi Informati...

 Charismatic person with excellent aptitude for problem solver and teamwork. I...

Skills: Certification PekitDoctor achivied March 2024/,Certification...

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Salary: EUR 30

Ivan Marrocu headshot

Camilla Laghi

HR Organization Specialist

HR Organisation Specialist with more than 2 years of experience, specialising in...

Skills: SAP Success Factor, WordPress, Microsoft Office, Project...

Join in: 143 Days

Salary: EUR 45K

Camilla Laghi headshot

Roberto G.

Brand Management

I graduated in Business Administration and furthered my education with a double...

Skills: Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft...

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Emanuele Annoni

Customer Support Engineer

I have worked in the electronics and semiconductor industry for more than 20...

Skills: SAP, Excel, Word, Pacchetto Office, Project Management, Outlook,...

Join in: 20 Days

Salary: EUR 65K

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Larissa D.

Project Management

Sono una Business Support con 2 anni di esperienza nel settore del Real Estate....

Skills: Project Management, Pacchetto Office, Jira

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Melina X.


Sono un manager con circa 7 anni di esperienza in aziende nel settore della...

Skills: Pacchetto Office, Excel, Word, Team Management, Vendite, Costumer...

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Mattia Tartara

IT technician

I am currently a Technical Support Engineer with 5 years of experience in...

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Alessandra Ceccarello

Sustainability Sp...

Sono Responsabile Relazioni con l'Utenza con 3 anni di esperienza presso una...

Skills: Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Pacchetto Office,...

Join in: 30 Days

Salary: EUR 24K

Alessandra Ceccarello headshot

Alessandro P.

Project Management

Sono un Project Manager IT con 9 anni di esperienza in aziende multinazionali nel...

Skills: Office Suite, microsoft visio, Microsoft Project, Dynamics365,...

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Salary: EUR 50K

Alessandro Pizzulli headshot

Sofia G.

HR Legal Specialist

Skills: Pacchetto Office, Web grafic design, Canva, WIX, Social media...

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Salary: EUR 18K